Cannabis Infographics

Here's a collection of our major infographics in one place. They cover most of the important concepts patients and consumers need to know about cannabis & hemp medicinal and consumer products. The first graphic is the expanded "Family Tree" of the major cannabinoids, and the steps that The Amazing Flower (or nature or people) take to produce them:

Cannabinoid Family Tree

Here is an abridged version of the Family Tree that includes only the most "popular" cannabinoids. If you want to know more, go the the Major Active Ingredients section of our Key Knowledge page.
Cannabinoid Family Tree (simplified)

The graphic below gives a summary of the average bioavailability of cannabinoids based on the method of consumption. Note that there are significant differences.

Cannabinoid Bioavailability


The following chart depicts the dominant terpenes based on the classification of a cannabis flower as "Sativa" or "Indica". This was based on a 2011 study, and generally reflects the dominant terpenes of each "type". Here's more info on active ingredient consistency & reliability.

Indica & Sativa by Terpenes

The following 2 graphs show the general groups of terpenes that tend to give more relaxing or more energizing effects. A more detailed Terpene Overview is on our Key Knowledge (The Basics) page.

The following chart is the "thermometer" for boiling points of the active ingredients in cannabis (Cannabinoids, Terpenes, & Flavonoids). If you inhale (smoke or vaporize) products, this chart will show you which ones you are getting based on the temperature of your vaporizer. Smoking, or burning will usually reach temperatures high enough to include most of the active ingredients, but there are more losses than with a controlled vaporizer temperature.


The next two charts show the cost per milligram of active ingredients for flower and extracts or concentrates based on the cost per unit (Ounces for flower, and Grams for extracts). If you need higher doses like some patients, this is very important to understand, because costs vary WIDELY.