About Us

Our mission is to help develop better knowledge about the relationship between specific active ingredient combinations and ratios, and their effectiveness in achieving desired symptom relief or wellbeing outcomes. 25% of pre-tax profits will always be donated to charities serving those who would most benefit from The Amazing Flower.

Incorporated as CBGA Medical, LLC in Venice, Florida in 2017 to focus on developing and sharing better knowledge about the effectiveness of cannabis-based medicines and products, we are proud to operate TheAmazingFlower.com to act as the center for acquisition, analysis, and dissemination of this knowledge.

Cannabinoid Family Tree

TheAmazingFlower.com tries to offer fun, yet educational knowledge products that showcase the most important information consumers and patients need to know about The Amazing Flower. It is also a fast method to collect and report on self-reported effectiveness summary data.  We hope that will lead to a better understanding of which active ingredient combinations are most effective for different conditions and desired outcomes.

A foundational aspect of our mission is to do something positive for the world, and one way we do that is by donating 25% of our pre-tax profits to charities that focus on helping medical patients and drug war victims in the greatest need.

Randall Quarles, TheAmazingFlower.com

Randall Quarles, MS, MBA is the founder and CEO of CBGA Medical, LLC. After spending 20 years in industrial B2B markets in a variety of management, sales, engineering, and analytics roles, he decided that he wanted to start a company that would help develop new knowledge that could have a profound impact on society. He has been a believer in cannabis medicine since high school, and is a currently registered patient in the state of Florida. He believes everyone should have the right to try consuming ANY plant if they think it can improve their life.