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We really just want to help people improve their lives by giving them more useful knowledge about cannabis & hemp products.
Our specific mission is to help collect, develop, and share better knowledge about the relationship between active ingredient combinations and ratios in cannabis & hemp, and their effectiveness in achieving desired symptom relief, personal goals, or general wellness outcomes.
At least 25% of our pre-tax profits will always go to charities directly serving and supporting medical cannabis patients.


We started TheAmazingFlower.com because there really wasn't a single place to go for easy access to user-friendly information that focused on the aspects of cannabis and hemp that actually contribute to its effects - the active ingredients. There are literally HUNDREDS of unique, beneficial active ingredients in cannabis and hemp.

TheAmazingFlower.com tries to offer fun, easy-to-apply knowledge about the most important information consumers and patients should know about The Amazing Flower, and specifically the active ingredients that occur in (and from) cannabis and hemp. 

Luckily, we know from thousands of years of use that pure cannabis and hemp flower are safer than many of the medicines and consumer products sold every day. So safety of the plant itself is a variable that has almost been removed. We honestly don't need to spend 5-10 years in clinical controlled trials to determine the safety of cannabis. But if you want to see the latest research summaries we've got those here.

All we really need are a bunch of people to anonymously share what works best for them, in a structured, professional research survey. We believe thousands of patients and consumers anonymously sharing their "anecdote" about what works BEST for them is incredibly important, and could actually be better than traditional randomized clinical trials that typically study one or two active ingredients (molecules) in a prospective medicine or consumer product. Our goal is to collect 100,000 surveys and publish detailed findings here on TheAmazingFlower.com. Real actionable knowledge for patients and consumers is the ultimate goal.

We think this type of "observational, self-reported" survey data will lead to a better understanding of which active ingredient combinations are most effective for different conditions and desired outcomes. Here's the background info on our founder and CEO, and his story of finally being able to come out of the "cannabis closet", and work in an industry that should NEVER have been destroyed in the mid-late 20th century.

Randall Quarles, TheAmazingFlower.com

Randall Quarles, MS, MBA is the founder and President of CBGA Medical, LLC. He experienced the incredible medicinal and wellness potential of cannabis as a young adult, and has been a strong proponent ever since. He specifically visited Amsterdam for the first time in 1988, just to experience a different societal view of cannabis and was so impressed, he visited another twelve times through 2007 - all as a tourist/enthusiast. His visits include several Cannabis Cups and two Queen's Days. 

So after spending 20 years in the corporate world in a variety of international management, sales, engineering, and analytics roles, he decided to start a firm that would help develop and share better knowledge that could genuinely have a profound impact on society. He believes very strongly that better, more usable cannabis & hemp knowledge is one of those areas. His professional profile is here: 

Randall Quarles' LinkedIn Profile



We greatly appreciate your interest in our mission and invite you to support us by simply completing an anonymous, 3-minute "What Works Best" survey for our "Anecdote Collection Box". Because this survey is the same for everyone, your anecdote transforms into real knowledge patients and consumers can use to improve their lives. Actionable knowledge analysis will ALWAYS be presented and published FREE on this site. It's our mission to share for free so everyone can benefit from this Amazing Flower. Thank you!

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