2024 Cannabis and Hemp Pocket Guides

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** We're sold out of the first edition. The second edition should be available in August. We kept some for those who take our effectiveness survey, though. We appreciate everyone who trusted us with their Cannabis and Hemp Pocket Guide needs ;-). Thank you!**

Fun, knowledgeable, and loves to travel. These guides are sold by the hundred. If you want a few free samples to check out, you can take our 3-minute research survey and we'll send you three for your trouble...anywhere in the world.

It's a small and durable 4.25-inch by 3.67-inch tri-fold pocket card that includes some usable information about cannabis and hemp from an active ingredient perspective. It includes the following information:

  • Major Cannabinoids found in the plant and their reported benefits and boiling points in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • 25 Cannabis Terpenes and their reported benefits, boiling points, and general aromas.
  • New Terpene Spectrum color-coded chart that indicates the relative effects of "more calming" (greens, blues, and purples) to "more uplifting" (yellows, oranges, and red).
  • The Cannabinoid Family Tree graphic of the biosynthetic pathway of Cannabinoids including acidic precursors and their neutral and oxidized forms.
  • Cannabinoid Bioavailability graphic that shows different consumption methods and their relative bioavailability.

Basic specs:

  • Heavy 10 pt. glossy cardstock trifold card with a thickness similar to paperback book covers. It's extremely durable and can take more abuse than we ever imagined. We left one in the rain for several days, and once it dried, it was fine!
  • Shrink-wrapped in sets of one hundred (100)
  • The soft gloss finish minimizes fading and makes them very durable
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