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We help develop and share knowledge about Cannabis, The Amazing Flower, and donate 25% of our profits to charities serving patients in need.

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We're trying to help develop better knowledge about an amazing plant full of LOTS of beneficial ingredients. To do that effectively we need A LOT of data. Your ANONYMOUS personal story of "What Works Best" for YOU can become real knowledge. We'll publish the reports for free. So, if you can spare a couple minutes, the world will be better for it. Thank you! We'll send you 3 of our Pocket Guides for your trouble.

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Our affiliate partners are much more than advertisers or a revenue source. They are critical parts of our mission. We only partner with ancillary businesses whose products or services help promote and contribute to science-based cannabis and hemp knowledge that everyday patients and consumers can actually use to improve their lives. We hope you will consider their products and tell 'em The Amazing Flower sent you. Thank you!!