What Works Best Survey

Thanks for helping us create better cannabis knowledge!

Our goal is to create real, actionable knowledge by collecting 100,000 cannabinoid "anecdotes", personal stories, and experiences the same way, with the same survey. Once this self-reported effectiveness data is collected in a uniform, systematic way, it is no longer just "anecdotal" evidence. It becomes real, actionable knowledge that will be the core of the content we publish free on our web site. BTW, we don't ask about brands...just the product type and active ingredients (cannabinoids & terpenes).

So what is the cannabis or hemp product that WORKS BEST for YOU for your desired outcomes, or goals?

If you use different products for different goals, please take one survey for each different goal or desired outcome you have. The summaries will be posted for FREE on TheAmazingFlower.com when we have a statistically significant number of surveys (late 2022 hopefully).

So we only really need ONE SURVEY per person (per desired outcome or goal). If what works best for you changes, then stop by here if you get a chance and let us know. Knowledge is not static, so this project has no end date. We will frequently update our reports to reflect the latest results.

Click HERE to take the 2 minute survey. Thank you VERY much!