Survey Results

This page has some preliminary results of our cannabis and hemp effectiveness research project. It does NOT include specifics about which type of active ingredient amounts worked best for different conditions and goals (dosing specifics)...YET.

This is self-reported, observational survey data. To show "statistically significant" correlations about effectiveness, we need a LOT of survey responses. MANY, MANY thousands. We hope that we can begin posting this detailed information soon. We just don't have enough surveys for that yet, but we will get there.

So please ask your friends and family to take our survey! We believe the results will be valuable to patients and consumers in all walks of life everywhere. 

In the meantime, we CAN show you results that cover other important aspects of cannabis or hemp product choices, according to our survey respondents.



#1: Inhalation

75% of the responses we've received so far tell us that inhaling cannabis or hemp products works best for them. That will likely change as more oral products with more active ingredient options become available.

Among the people who told us inhaling cannabis or hemp products was best for them, here are the inhalation methods they prefer:

Chart: Inhalation Methods for Cannabis (Our Survey)


The pie chart below shows how many puffs, or draws are usually inhaled for the most effective dose. Notice the fairly WIDE range of responses. Some only need a few puffs while others need much more. Cannabinoids affect people differently, and your best method and dose might not work the same way for your best friend.

Survey results chart: how many puffs of cannabis do you usually take?


The chart below shows the method preferred by those who smoke their cannabis or hemp products. While joints are not the most efficient method to consume cannabis, they are very well-established perhaps because they are so easily shared.

Methods used by smokers of cannabis or hemp


Our random cannabis thoughts:

The next chart shows the vaporization temperatures that are most often used by those vaporizing their cannabis products. The higher temperatures are usually for dabbing, although THCV and CBC don't boil until 428F (220C), so flower vaporizers are sometimes set very high. Additionally, Caryophyllene Oxide and Farnesene are common cannabis terpenes that do not boil until 504F (262C), which is above the combustion (fire) temperature of flower (451F, 233C).

Chart of Survey Vaporization Temperatures



#2: Oral Ingestion (Swallowing)

20% of the responses we've received so far tell us that swallowing a cannabis or hemp product works best for them. Infused foods and oils or extracts were the most popular at 33% and 30% respectively. The "Pills" category includes capsules and tablets.

Chart: Cannabis Oral Ingestion Types


We will be adding to and updating these survey summary analysis charts periodically as we collect more data. Our research project has no end date, because new product development will continue, and we see our work as a "living" analysis. We'll post new charts on social media as we publish them, but keep this page in mind. It's only going to get better in the coming years. Thank you for your help in de-stigmatizing perhaps the most powerful and misunderstood plant on earth! Encourage your friends and family to contribute to our research by taking a quick survey about "What Works Best" for them.



The next chart shows what people tell us about the overall effectiveness of "What Works Best" for them. Over 99% said they usually see an improvement of 50% for more. 

Bar Chart: Cannabis effectiveness in achieving adult and patient goals averaged 80%.

Quality of Life was improved in 99% of those who have found their "best" product. 
Bar chart showing cannabis significantly improves quality of life scores


Quality of Life Improvements bar chart showing that all age groups report that cannabis improves their quality of life

Side Effects

Here is what people tell us they about the unpleasant or negative side effects they experience. 59% do not experience negative side effects. The top two side effects are dry mouth and increased appetite, both of which can be handled with water and a good meal - things your body needs anyway.


Cannabis & Hemp product common side effects