Active Ingredients Guides

Here are summary guides to the major active ingredients in The Amazing Flower - Cannabinoids (18), Terpenes and Terpenoids (36), and Flavonoids (13), their boiling points, reported effects, and general characteristics. Cannabinoids have very little aroma and taste.

The unique aromas of different flowers are mostly the result of unique combinations and ratios of terpenes, terpenoids, and other molecules called esters, aldehydes, volatile sulpher compounds, among others. Cannaboids and terpenes are usually the only molecule classes shown on the certificate of analysis or COA test results.

Some of the reported active ingredient effects and benefits have been demonstrated in rigorous clinical trials and research studies, and some are considered "anecdotal". However, most of the rigorous research is on the ingredient by itself (an isolate).

We are not making any claims about any of them, and we present our information only as a quick summary reference, like a "Cliffs Notes" for your own consideration and knowledge. Our strategy is to err on the side of inclusion and let you decide for yourself. Cannabinoids affect people differently, and it can be confusing. That's one reason we are here, to try to help make things simpler and more useful for everyone.


Simple Guide to 18 Cannabinoids


Cannabis Terpenes are found in all fruits, too


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