Affiliate Partners

These are our valued affiliate partners listed alphabetically. If you are an ancillary or non-plant touching business (of any nationally legal kind) that would like to reach cannabis and hemp patients, enthusiasts, and generally curious people, consider becoming a partner with us. It never hurts to position your company as a leader in sharing useful cannabis and hemp knowledge. Email us at and we'll send you some more info.


DynaVap Battery-free vapor

DynaVap’s lineup of Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs) are not vaporizers. Their VapCaps are a battery-free alternative to smoking and vaping. The devices are extremely small & discreet, a little larger than a traditional "dugout & bat one-hitter". Just heat it with a butane torch & when you hear the "Click", your vapor is ready! - Everything cannabis in metro Washington DC

Everything cannabis related in Washington. East Coast Amsterdam is the Washington metropolitan area's premier cannabis magazine, publishing new writing every day. We support the Washington DC recreational, adult-use marketplace. Since cannabis cannot be bought or sold in Washington, vendors sell you something else and share the cannabis. We review cannabis flower and products available in the marketplace. We also offer "how to" articles as well as "tokespots" around the region. Make East Coast Amsterdam part of your daily 420 routine.


Non-destructive NIR Cannabis Potency Testing
GemmaCert takes the guesswork out of hemp and cannabis potency and composition, so you know what you’re breeding, growing, buying, selling, or consuming. Fast, non-destructive testing for THC, CBD, CNG, & water activity on your desk. Recognized by the FDA and EMA, NIR (near infra-red) spectroscopy is used by GemmaCert and the pharmaceutical industry for quality control, including product development and testing for regulatory compliance.   

Genius Pipes

Genius Pipe is the next generation pipe which utilizes patented technology used in cooling nuclear reactors. Designed for maximum smoke draw and extreme cooling, Genius Pipe provides a healthy experience with lasting results every time. 



KookiJar Storage Systems
Physical and digital storage solutions for cannabis enthusiasts who want to leave the stigma and stereotypes behind as they curate and showcase their flower. Our glass jars ensure freshness, and our innovative, custom-designed magnifying lid lets you view your flower in detail. Connect to our app so you can keep track of what you've collected in each jar, capture how you experienced it, and discover how to curate a collection that suits your preferences.


NuggMD Medical Cannabis Doctors

NuggMD is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to get your medical marijuana recommendation and card. It's our mission to reveal cannabis for what it really is by facilitating easier access to it and empowering consumers with reliable information, personalized support and attention, and a conviction that puts your needs at the highest level. Over 500,000 patients have trusted us to guide them on their cannabis journey. We're ready when you are.

Terpene Tasting Kit

Terpene Tasting Kit

You’ve used a wine tasting kit, you’ve used a coffee tasting kit. This is a tasting kit that teaches you how to smell cannabis. You open the vial of terpene isolate to smell* its contents and then you look for that same smell in your chemovar. In time, your nose will be able to identify that terpene on its own – but first, you need to be able to distinguish it from the others.


Tetragram App for Cannabis & Hemp

Tetragram is a smart, digital platform that helps you get the most out of cannabis. The many elements that make Cannabis wonderful can also make it confusing and overwhelming. Creating a journal of your cannabis experiences is the fastest way to know what works best for you. Keep track of what you’ve had and how it helps. It’s free, private, and secure. Untangle your treatment with the Tetragram app.