THC + CBD Flower lifts mood without the paranoia

This interesting study examined the effects of 3 different types of cannabis flower with ratios of THC%:CBD% of 24:1, 9:10, and 1:23. It was published in the journal Addiction Biology in January 2022.

Their goal was determine the differences in effects of these very different cannabinoid ratios, or chemovars of widely available cannabis flower. They tested 159 participants before, after, and 1 hour after consumption of the assigned chemovar.

Participants reported similar positive mood effects for both the THC and THC+CBD chemovars, but the THC+CBD flower users had significantly less paranoia and anxiety.

"Individuals using a THC + CBD chemovar had significantly lower plasma THC concentrations and reported less paranoia and anxiety while also reporting similar positive mood effects as compared to individuals using THC only, which is intriguing from a harm reduction perspective."

Given the many other benefits of CBD, it seems like using a THC+CBD blend has a lot of potential benefits. 

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