Inhaled CBD inhibits lung cancer growth in mouse model

This study implanted human lung cancer cells in mice and treated them with CBD vapor and a placebo. It was published online in the journal Human Cell in February 2023.

The full text article is behind a paywall, so we haven't examined it in detail. However, the same authors published previous research that showed CBD had an inhibitory effect on melanoma and glioblastoma cells in mouse models.

Their results showed that inhaled CBD slowed tumor growth rates and suppressed the expression of several pro-tumor factors like angiogenesis and CD44.

Angiogenesis supports cancer tumor growth by providing it with oxygen and nutrients. CD44 is a human cell receptor that promotes the migration and invasion processes involved in metastases (spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body).

Authors' quotes:

Our findings showed that CBD decreased tumor growth rate and suppressed expression of CD44 and the angiogenic factors VEGF and P-selectin.

These results suggest, for the first time, that inhalant CBD can impede lung cancer growth by suppressing CD44 and angiogenesis.


The abstract is here at SpringerLink.