Cannabis use is associated with reduced chance of urological cancer

This study retrospectively examined over 150,000 individuals with information on cannabis use in the UK Biobank from 2006 to 2010. It was published in the journal Cancer Medicine in August 2022.

After the patient data was analyzed, they found a strong protective factor correlation between previous cannabis use and urological cancers. Interestingly, the associations were different between genders. 

The protective effects of cannabis for renal cell carcinoma and bladder cancer were only seen in women, not men. However, protective effects for prostate cancer WAS observed for men. There were no significant protective effects against testicular cancer in men.

"Previous use of cannabis was a significant protective factor for renal cell carcinoma and prostate cancer.
The association between previous cannabis use and both renal cell carcinoma and bladder cancer was only observed in females but not in men.
There was no significant association between cannabis use and testicular cancer incidence.
Mendelian randomization demonstrated a potential causal effect of cannabis use on a lower incidence of renal cell carcinoma."

    The full text paper is here at the Wiley Online Library.