UK Chronic Pain Patients Show Improvement with CBD + A Little THC

This observational study was conducted with 110 patients from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry who used cannabis oils to help manage chronic pain. It was published in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in September 2021.

The study only examined patients that used a specific oil, called Adven CBMP. Patient average age was 52 years old. 65% of the patients had never used cannabis before ("cannabis naive"). 88% of the patients had these 3 type of chronic pain: chronic noncancer pain, neuropathic pain, or fibromyalgia. The median dose was 20mg CBD + 1mg THC per day.

"Treatment of chronic pain with Adven CBMP [cannabis-based medicinal products] oils was associated with an improvement in pain-specific outcomes, health-related quality of life, and self-reported sleep quality."

The full text paper is available from the Wiley Online Library here.