Topical CBD inhibits periodontitis

This study used rat models to examine the in vitro effects of topically applied CBD on inflammation and bone loss from periodontitis, a type of severe gum disease. It was published in May 2023 in the Journal of Periodontal Research.

The experiment induced periodontitis in rats, then collected the gingival tissues it generated. They then looked for the effects of CBD on common molecular markers for periodontal disease.

They found, and explained, the process that led to the effects that occurred after the CBD application. Overall the results are encouraging. Especially since topical oral application of CBD in humans is not difficult via various extracts, tinctures, tablets, etc.

The paper is behind a paywall, but the author's conclusions are noteworthy and fairly simple:

Cannabidiol [CBD] significantly inhibits bone loss in experimental rat periodontitis models. 

It indicates that topical CBD application is effective in treating periodontitis.

CBD can be considered as a therapeutic agent for periodontitis.


An abstract is here at The Wiley Online Library.