The Elephant in the Room - The Cost of Cannabinoid Medicine

The cost of medical cannabis has become a burden to many, and it is a burden that impacts millions of people. While healthcare insurance will cover some costs for most prescription medicines, including opioids, they still refuse to assist patients that have found relief with cannabis and hemp based medicine.

Based on our own informal analysis in the state of Florida, the cost per milligram of active ingredients (cannabinoids + terpenes) can range from close to 1 cent/mg for pre-ground flower to 30 cents/mg for a nanoencapsulated gummy product. Convenience comes with a very high price tag. If a patient is smart and patient, there ARE some good deals. But the more processed the product is, the more you will pay per milligram of active ingredients. And sometimes it's 20-30 times more expensive.

This article points to reports that patients are spending between $265 to $380 per month out of pocket in several midwestern states. This prohibits some patients from trying cannabis medicines and even worse, makes some patients STOP using a medicine that is effective at reducing their symptoms and improving their lives.