THC Efficacy & Tolerability Could Improve When Combined with CBD & CBG

These in-vitro study results were published in the Journal of Pain Research in late November 2021. The authors state, "The ability of cannabis to provide pain relief is well recognised, as are its many side-effects, which include drowsiness."

Their goal was to examine the effects of THC combined with CBD and/or CBG to determine its ability to block responses in pain-sensing neurons. The neurons were cultured sensory neurons grown in a lab tissue culture.

The results did demonstrate the ability of the THC/CBD/CBG combination to inhibit the physical processes that deliver pain responses to humans. However, the study was not performed on humans, and these effects are not guaranteed to be the exactly same in humans. But it is very encouraging, and since the side effects from THC, CBD, & CBG are usually mild, patients and consumers can try these compounds if they are available and legal in their state, province, or country. It is also further evidence of an Entourage Effect with combined cannabinoids.

"We found that THC, CBG and CBD applied individually were able to block the capsaicin responses in the sensory neurons, and that THC +CBD+CBG combined in a 1:1:1 proportion was more effective than these compounds applied alone. Thus, efficacy and tolerability of THC could be improved in combination with CBG and CBD at optimal concentrations, which deserve further studies in vivo."

The full paper is here from