Full spectrum cannabis extract shown to kill Ovarian Cancer cells

This in vitro (in a lab) study examined the effects of different cannabinoid combinations on ovarian cancer cell models. It was published in the journal Molecules in October 2022.

The authors state that:

Ovarian cancer (OC) is the second most common and the most lethal gynecologic malignancy in the western world; about 70% of cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

Late-stage ovarian cancer is incurable in the majority of cases 


Their experiments focused on determining the cytotoxic and apoptosis capabilities of cannabinoids through laboratory cell modeling and measurement. Most of the combinations of cannabinoids they tried created some cytotoxic effects and apopotosis. Many of the tests were in conjunction with a commonly prescribed pharmaceutical drug, Niraparib.

Ultimately, they found more evidence for the entourage, or ensemble effect. Extracts with both cannabinoids and terpenes, when combined with Niraparib, were more effective than cannabinoids alone and Niraparib. One mixture was 50 times more cytotoxic to cancer cells than to normal cells.

Some of the author's conclusions:

We identified cannabis compounds with substantial cytotoxic activity against OC cells in vitro, which involved apoptosis. 

The most effective phytocannabinoid combination was THC+cannabichromene (CBC)+cannabigerol (CBG).

A plausible approach for the care of an OC patient is to combine the cannabis-based treatment with chemotherapy.

The fact that the plant fractions, containing both phytocannabinoids and terpenes, acted synergistically with the niraparib, while the phytocannabinoids alone exhibited reduced level of synergy, suggests that terpenes or other compounds present in the fractions facilitate this synergy and might even increase cell sensitivity to niraparib.


The full text paper is here at MDPI.com.