CBD/THC Products Effective for Fibromyalgia

Published in April 2021 in The Journal of Pain, this secondary analysis from a cross-sectional survey of 878 patients with fibromyalgia (94% women, average age of 56 years) showed some very promising results.

72% reported substituting CBD products for prescribed medications, most commonly NSAIDs (59.0%), opioids (53.3%), gabapentanoids (35.0%), and benzodiazepines (23.1%). "Most substituting participants reported decreasing or stopping use of these pain medications."

"Those who substituted reported larger improvements in health and pain than those who did not. Participants using CBD-cannabis (>0.3% THC) reported significantly more substitutions than any other group and larger improvements in health, pain, memory, and sleep than other subgroups."

So the most effective product was cannabis flower with more THC than the current US standard for hemp. Again, it seems that a more balance CBD-THC product was most effective.

The abstract from the study is here.