Study: Microencapsulation Boosts CBD Bioavailability by 300%

These tests were done on animals and brain absorption of microencapsulated CBD was dramatically increased compared to ingested CBD Oil which we know has a low rate of bioavailability (since it must pass through the liver to get to the brain).  

These increases due to the microencapsulated product absorption were seen when administered along with a bile acid (DCA), but the high CBD levels in the brain also DECREASE much faster than CBD oil.

The basic concept here is that the microencapsulated combo can get the CBD into the bloodstream BEFORE is gets to the liver. Which is like smoking, tinctures, and other mucosal methods on cannabinoid administration. By bypassing the liver, cannabinoid metabolites are not created. Those metabolites have unique, different effects than the precursor cannabinoids, and tend to last much longer.

Take a look for yourself at the article.