Stage IV Cancer Patients Reduced Opioid Use with Cannabis

Results from a small Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT) were published in the journal, Supportive Care in Cancer in June 2021. The pilot study tracked patients with stage IV cancer requiring opioids in two groups over 3 months. One group was given medical cannabis, and one group was not.

Note: The study focused on cannabis' effects on patient opioid use, not it's cancer fighting potential. The results show lower opioid use and improved pain control with cannabis.

"The estimated mean daily THC and CBD allotments at 3 M [months] were 34 mg and 17 mg, respectively. A higher proportion of EC [cannabis] patients achieved a reduction in opioid use and improved pain control. No serious safety issues were reported, and patients reported high satisfaction."

The paper abstract is on is here, but the full paper is pay-walled now.