Study: Smoking cannabis alone doesn't reduce lung's ability, but tobacco does

Is cigarette smoking and/or cannabis smoking associated with impaired lung function? This study examined a population sample of young adults at age 21 and again at age 30 to try to determine the answer. It was published in the journal Respiratory Medicine in January 2023.

It was a longitudinal cohort study (same people over 9 years) of cigarettes and cannabis smoking and co-use at 21 and 30 years of age.

The study subjects were administered a spirometry assessment at age 21 and age 30. They measured lung functionality using these assessment standards: FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC. Lung function results were analyzed using the Global Lung Function Formula.

The authors concluded:

Cannabis use does not appear to be related to lung function even after years of use.

The co-use of tobacco and cannabis appears to entail no additional risk to lung function beyond the risks associated with tobacco use alone.

Persistent cigarette smoking is associated with reduced airflow even in young adults.


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