Pinene Is a Relaxant?

This is a study from 2016 that concluded that alpha-Pinene by itself is a relaxant. But it studied how the AROMA of pinene affected people, NOT the inhalation or ingestion of Pinene. 

"Olfactory stimulation by α-pinene significantly increased the HF component of HRV, which is associated with parasympathetic nervous activity, and significantly decreased heart rate. These findings indicate that olfactory stimulation by α-pinene induces physiological relaxation."

Many patients & consumers have reported that inhaling high pinene content cannabis products is actually very energizing, however many references refer to this study to conclude Pinene is a relaxant. We are of the belief that when inhaled, Pinene is more often not a sedative or relaxant in a physical sense, but is more of a stimulant. But everyone is different, so get to know your best choices.