Parkinson's patients and cannabis (study)

This study examined the self-reported benefits of cannabis used by Parkinson's Disease patients in Norway in 2021. It was published in February 2022 in the journal Acta Neurologica Scandinavia.

The anonymous survey found only 11% (59) of patients reported previous or current use of cannabis. 7 caregivers also contributed. They submitted surveys about their experience with cannabis-related products, perceived benefits, and adverse effects, as well as their expectations towards healthcare professionals. 

"Improvement in motor function (69.5%), sleep (52.5%), and pain (37.3%) was the most frequently perceived benefits of cannabis use, with benefits more frequently reported by current than previous users."

Only 50% of cannabis users discussed it with a health care professional, but "non-users report widespread interest in cannabis." The study lists the top barriers to discussing cannabis with health professionals and recommendeds practitioners be more vigilant in discussing cannabis with Parkinson's Disease patients.

Reasons why patients don't discuss cannabis with their health care providers:

  1. not wanting to disclose non-prescribed treatments to health care professionals
  2. low expectations toward the health care professionals’ interest or knowledge about this topic
  3. fear of negative consequences

The full-text paper is at the Wiley Online Library here.