Oral cannabis helps reduce chronic refractory pain

This was a small cross-sectional, observational analysis of chronic, treatment-resistant pain patients prescribed an oral oil formulation of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) over a minimum 3-month duration. It was published in Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids in February 2022.

Candidates for this study were adults aged 18 years or over who had reported pain symptoms of at least 3-month duration, and had previously tried other analgesics (pain medications) with no success. The most common types of pain reported were arthritis, "unspecified", and neuropathic. Fibromyalgia and cancer pain were also reported.

The product used was an oral formulation containing equal parts THC and CBD (10mg each per mL) called LGP Classic 10:10 made by Little Green Pharma, Perth, WA, Australia.

"Encouragingly, pain impact scores were significantly reduced across the cohort. Additionally, most subjects reported improvements in sleep disturbance and fatigue, both known to be highly related to one’s ability to manage and cope with pain"

No serious adverse effects were reported.

The full-text article is here from Karger.com.