"Minor" Cannabinoids Matter More than You Might Think

This study from August 2021 was published in the chemistry journal Talanta, and examined different cannabis chemovars to help determine if differences in the "minor" cannabinoid concentrations (other than THC, CBD, & CBG) was an important factor in determining different pharmacological effects, and whether a new classification system would be helpful for scientists and users.

"Principal component analysis...clearly indicated several new subgroups within the traditional classifications, which arise from a unique composition of the minor phytocannabinoids. The existence of these subgroups, which were never described before, is of critical importance for evaluating the pharmacological effects of cannabis chemovars."

The bottom line here is that evidence suggests that even small amounts (<1%) of the minor cannabinoids can have a material effect on pharmacological effectiveness, and that we need a better method of analyzing and classifying the different subgroups.

The paper abstract from ScienceDirect.com is here.