In vitro study shows CBD extract kills melanoma cells

Using a full spectrum CBD hemp extract, this study examined its effects on several melanoma cell lines. It was published in October 2023 in the journal Cells.

Melanoma types of skin cancer are known to be resistant to traditional treatments. As the authors stated, "Melanoma is widely recognized to resist advanced cancer treatments, including immune checkpoint inhibitors, kinase inhibitors, and chemotherapy."

The researchers used a full spectrum hemp extract called PHEC-66 (60% CBD) to treat several melanoma cell lines in a laboratory environment (not in animals or humans).

The specific cell types tested were:

  • Human melanoma MM418-C1 (primary (1°) melanoma possessing the oncogenic BRAFV600E mutation)
  • MM329 (1° melanoma possessing wild type BRAF (BRAFWT)
  • MM96L (metastatic or secondary (2°) melanoma possessing the oncogenic BRAFV600E mutation)


Their results show that this full spectrum extract was effective at reducing the growth of melanoma cells in vitro without a negative impact on normal cells. The effectiveness was dose-dependent (higher concentrations worked increasingly better).

Authors' quotes:

PHEC-66 has demonstrated a noticeable cytotoxic effect on various melanoma cells. 

PHEC-66 reduced the viability of the human melanoma cell lines (MM418-C1, MM329 and MM96L) in a concentration-dependent manner


The full text article is here at PubMed.



Bachari A, Nassar N, Telukutla S, Zomer R, Dekiwadia C, Piva TJ, Mantri N. In Vitro Antiproliferative Effect of Cannabis Extract PHEC-66 on Melanoma Cell Lines. Cells. 2023 Oct 13;12(20):2450. doi: 10.3390/cells12202450. PMID: 37887294; PMCID: PMC10605078.