Hemp extract and CBD isolate show promise for oral wound healing

Oral inflammation and ulcers are common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for brain, head, and neck cancers.

An in vitro (cell level) study that focused on the effectiveness of hemp extract and CBD isolate to treat inflammation and gingival wounds and was published in May 2022 in the Acrhives of Oral Biology.

They compared the results of full-spectrum hemp extract and CBD isolate on a lab model of inflammation and healing characteristics for gingival (mouth or gum) wounds. Results were compared to a standard treatment of hydrocortisone and non-treatment.

While laboratory or "test tube" studies have obvious limitations, the activity of compounds on models (or simulations) of the human body help provide starting points for human trials. 

The results were very positive for both full-spectrum hemp extract and CBD isolate, and both seemed to out-perform hydrocortisone and non-treated controls. The data also showed that effectiveness was dose-dependent (more works better).

"This is the first to show that short-term exposure to hemp extract and CBD promoted gingival fibroblast wound healing, demonstrating that hemp extract and CBD have potential benefits in the treatment of oral inflammation and ulcers."

The abstract and section "snippets" are available here at ScienceDirect.com.