Germany: 54% of Parkinson's Patients See Clinical Benefits from Medical Cannabis

A survey published January 26, 2021 in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease found that 54% of Parkinson's patients showed clinical benefits from cannabis-based medicines.

The study showed that over 40% of users said it helped manage pain and muscle cramps, and more than 20% of users reported a reduction in stiffness (akinesia), freezing, tremor, depression, anxiety, and restless legs. Patients reported that inhaled cannabis products containing THC were more efficient in treating stiffness than oral products containing CBD but were slightly less well tolerated.

"Cannabis intake might be related to a placebo effect because of high patient expectations and conditioning, but even that can be considered as a therapeutic effect." That is something that cannot be overlooked. If it works in the mind, then it works. 

This link to the original Journal article is here.