Clinical Trial: Full-spectrum CBD tinctures were effective for anxiety

Published in November 2022 in the journal Communications Medicine, this two stage, phase 2, open-label clinical trial examined the effects of a CBD tincture on anxiety in 14 (11 female, 3 male) outpatients diagnosed with moderate to severe anxiety. 

Researchers used the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) or the Overall Anxiety Severity and Impairment Scale (OASIS) to determine product effectiveness.

The participants used the same full-spectrum, high-CBD extract for 4 weeks. The CBD extract was homogenized into a solution containing medium chain triglyceride oil with an emulsifier, polysorbate-80. A subligual (under tongue) tincture containing approximated 10mg CBD was administered 3 times a day.

The target total daily dose was 30mg CBD (with less than 1mg THC), and the average actual dose was about 35mg CBD/day.

The authors concluded:

Following 4 weeks of treatment, significant decreases were noted on all primary outcome assessments of anxiety relative to baseline

Significant treatment response was observed as early as week 1 

Secondary outcome assessments of mood, sleep, and quality of life demonstrated significant improvement following 4 weeks of treatment, with reduced symptoms of depression and negative affect, improved mood and sleep, and increased quality of life

Patients quickly achieve and maintain symptom reduction with few side effects. 

The study drug is well-tolerated, with high adherence/patient retention and no reported intoxication or serious adverse events.



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