Treatment-resistant fibromyalgia symptoms improve with cannabis

This study focused on women with treatment-resistant fibromyalgia to determine if cannabis treatment could improve their quality of life. It was published in the official journal of the World Institute of Pain, Pain Practice in February 2023. 

The study used the World Health Organization Quality of Life Bref questionnaire (WhoQoL-bref) to determine the effects of initiation of cannabis treatment. The questionnaire was completed before cannabis treatment started and 30 days after initiating treatment.

They included 30 women with average age of 46 years (±5), with a poor general quality of life, poor general health, pain and discomfort, and dependence on medication. The patients chose the method of administration according to personal preferences: smoking, vaporizing, or ingestion. 

Cannabis treatment for 30 days showed a marked improvement in general quality of life, general health, physical health, and psychological domain

A minor degree of improvement was measured in mobility, body image, personal relations

Results suggest a potentially significant role of Cannabis in treatment-resistant Fibromyalgia women.


The full text paper is here at the Wiley Online Library