Can cannabis help reduce fatigue? The data says...

This study tracked 1,224 people and their observations about the effectiveness of their self-administered cannabis flower for reducing their feelings of fatigue. It was published in Medical Cannabis & Cannabinoids in January 2022.

The responses were collected over a period between 2016 and 2019. The participants reported on subjective changes in fatigue intensity levels prior to and following cannabis consumption. The cultivar type (Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid) had no bearing on fatigue intensity - all 3 were equally effective at reducing feelings of fatigue. The average fatigue reduction was about 3.5 points on a 10 point scale.

Interestingly, those who used joints (cannabis "cigarettes") reported greater fatigue reduction than those that used bowls or vaporizers. This is similar to the results of our own research in that smokers report greater effectiveness and quality of life improvements than those that vaporize.

"On average, 91.94% of people experienced decreased fatigue following consumption with an average symptom intensity reduction of 3.48 points on a 0–10 visual analog scale."

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