Delta-8 THC Is Getting More Attention

Delta-8 THC products are popping up on retailers shelves and, like its cousins (Delta-9 THC and CBD specifically), is showing strong signs of promise for both patients and consumers. Some retailers are even selling "Delta-8 THC" flower now.

From what we've seen so far, it's not old flower where the Delta-9 THC has oxidized into Delta-8 THC, though. It's a CBD or CBG dominant hemp flower with some Delta-8 THC extract "sprinkled" onto regular hemp or cannabis flower. There is also a method to turn CBD into Delta-8 THC with the help of an added chemical catalyst, so it can technically be produced using only hemp flower. That's important.

Since it is known to have a psychotropic effect (although milder than Delta-9 THC), we can't imagine the DEA and FDA are happy about this. 

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