CBN shows promise for an aggressive pediatric nerve cancer

Neuroblastoma is an aggressive tumor that occurs in immature nerve cells typically found in children and currently has no known cure. This in vitro study looked at the effects of CBN on neuroblastoma and was published in April 2022 in the journal Cancers.

The researchers used two neuroblastoma cell lines (IMR-5 and SK-N-AS) as a proxy to determine the effects of cannabinol (CBN) on neuroblastoma and examine the potential mechanisms of action. Like most of the in vitro studies we have seen, they found a dose-dependent relationship (more works better) with the cannabinoid and its effectiveness at inhibiting cancer cell growth and proliferation.

Our findings reveal a suppressive role of CBN in neuroblastoma tumorigenesis, highlighting a novel and crucial miR-34a tumor suppressor network in CBN’s antineuroblastoma actions.

we uncover that CBN attenuated the cell proliferation, invasion, and angiogenesis of neuroblastoma cell lines in a dose-dependent manner via the inhibition of the AKT pathway and the upregulation of miR-34a that targets E2F1.


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