Skin Health: Study shows CBG has benefits

Published in the journal Molecules in January 2022, this research claims to be the first to specifically study the effects of CBG on human skin. They compared in-vitro effects of CBD and CBG, and then tested CBG on human skin. They used CBG that was created using yeast biosynthesis, so it didn't come from a cannabis plant, but is the exact same molecule created by the plant.

The study examined 20 participants in a vehicle-controlled clinical study that used a 0.1% CBG serum and a placebo applied topically for 2 weeks after their skin was subject to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)-induced irritation. The results were promising.

"Gene microarray analysis conducted using 3D human skin equivalents demonstrates that CBG regulates more genes than CBD, including several key skin targets."

"CBG serum showed statistically significant improvement above placebo for transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and reduction in the appearance of redness."

"Altogether, CBG's broad range of in vitro and clinical skin health-promoting activities demonstrates its strong potential as a safe, effective ingredient for topical use and suggests there are areas where it may be more effective than CBD."

The abstract is here at