CBD-A reduces stress and inflammation in cattle

CBD-A is the acidic precursor to CBD and is found in high amounts in raw industrial hemp flowers. This study examined the effects of feeding raw hemp flowers to cattle as a supplement. It was published in Scientific Reports in March 2022.

The cows were fed raw industrial hemp flowers that delivered about 5.5mg/kg CBD-A per day for 14 days. That's the equivalent of a 175 lb. person ingesting about 440mg CBD-A per day. It's not a trivial, or inexpensive amount for humans. The hemp also contained smaller amounts of these additional acidic cannabinoids: CBDV-A, CBG-A, and THC-A. 

The researchers tracked lying behavior time (not standing), which is considered a positive behavior in content cows, and chemical biomarkers that indicate stress and inflammation.

"These results suggest that feeding IH [industrial hemp] with a high CBDA content for 14 days increases lying behavior and decreases biomarkers of stress and inflammation in cattle."

Many humans enjoy raw cannabis flower in their diet, which must be ingested before cooking (heating) to prevent the acidic cannabinoids from "decarbing" into CBD, CBG, CBDV, or THC.

The full-text version of the research is here at Nature.com.