CBD works as well as Ampicillin for inhibiting bacterial growth

Increased resistance to antibiotics is recognized as a serious problem in the treatment of bacterial infections.

This study examined the effect of CBD treatment on Salmonella cells, and compared it to a common antibiotic. It was published in the journal Molecules in April 2022.

"The steady decrease in antibiotic efficacy alongside the decreased development of new antibiotics present a major obstacle in the treatment of multidrug-resistant bacteria"

The researchers noted that bacterial growth was inhibited strongly at concentrations of 1.25ug/ml, but minimally at the lower concentrations tested.

CBD at these concentrations was found to be as effective as ampicillin, a commonly prescribed antibiotic. 

  • "In comparison, both treatments resulted in a similar OD600 (optical density) after 6 h of treatment suggesting that CBD was able to inhibit bacterial growth to an extent similar to ampicillin."

The full text article is available here at MDPI Open Access Journals.