CBD Shows Promise for Fighting Staph Infections

This clinical study used a synthetic CBD formulation applied nasally and was found to be up to 76% effective at eradicating Staph infections in the nose, even 7 days after treatment was completed.

Staph and methicillin-resistant Staph (MRSA) are the leading cause of surgical site infections, and approximately 80% are actually caused by the patient infecting themselves from their own nose. Antibiotics have seen a significant increase in the development of resistance, with some hospitals recording resistance rates as high as 95% and restricting use.

The conclusion was that "two different BTX 1801 synthetic CBD formulations (ointment and gel) were safe, well tolerated and successful at eradicating Staph bacteria from the nose of healthy volunteers nasally colonised with Staph (Staphylococcus Aureus)".  

The full article is here.