CBD helps with bone development and regrowth

This study examined the effects of CBD on bone fractures and osteoporosis using a human cell model and a mouse bone fracture and osteoporosis model. It was published in June 2023 in the journal Calcified Tissue International.

The cell model used mesenchymal stem cells that were treated with increasing concentrations of "crystalized pharmaceutical grade CBD". They found that cell viability and proliferation were significantly improved in those cells treated with CBD.

The mouse model considered bone mineral density and fracture healing in mice using the following approach:

Fluoxetine was used for pharmacologic induction of osteoporosis and surgical oophorectomy (OVX) was used for hormonal induction of osteoporosis.


They found that CBD prevented both fluoxetine- and OVX-induced osteoporosis. The mice pre-treated with CBD also exhibited better bone repair than the control.

The authors' comments:

  • Collectively these in vitro and in vivo findings suggest that CBD exerts cell-specific effects which can be exploited to enhance bone metabolism.
  • These findings also indicate that CBD usage in an osteoporotic population may positively impact bone morphology, warranting further research.


The abstract is here at the NIH PubMed site.