CBD Oil Helps with Chronic Headaches

These standardized results were part of a clinically-validated survey published in late 2020 that showed 86% of CBD users (105 total) reported decreased headache impact.

It was a specific formulation from one company, but the 30 day trial was fairly conclusive: 3.8 fewer headache days per month, or a drop of 23%. Chronic migraine sufferers showed an even better result with a reduction in headache days of 33%.

The CBD doses were very high (1000mg), and the company has just released a 3500mg version.

"They are also working on the release of Trodiax, a new vitamin supplement that combines CBD isolate with natural ingredients that show promise for migraine sufferers. The natural ingredients in Trodiax are recommended by the American Headache Society."

The article from CannabisHealthNews.co.uk is here.