CBD helps with skin and liver fibrosis

Published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology in October 2022, this study explored the effects of CBD on both skin and liver fibrosis (thickening or scarring of tissue).

The authors used several methods to test CBD effects, including in vitro (in a laboratory model) and in vivo (in life - in this case mice). The details of their tests are included in the full text article link at the end of this summary.

Our favorite quote is: CBD "significantly attenuated liver fibrosis". That speaks for itself, but the overall results were promising for several other types of fibrosis, too.

Their summary statement:

Altogether, our data further support the rationale of the medicinal use of this cannabinoid [CBD], as well as cannabis preparations containing it, in the management of fibrotic diseases including Systemic Sclerosis and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.


Specifically, the authors stated they observed that Cannabidiol [CBD]:

inhibited collagen gene transcription and synthesis

prevented TGFβ-and IL-4 induced fibroblast migration

prevented skin fibrosis and collagen accumulation around skin blood vessels

significantly attenuated liver fibrosis 


The full text article is here at FrontiersIn.org.