CBD has positive impact on children with drug-resistant epilepsy

This study examined the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of CBD used with standard medical anti-seizure treatment in children with drug-resistant epileptic encephalopathies (DEEs). It was published in the European Journal of Epilepsy in January 2022.

Included were 59 patients ranging in age from 2-17 years. The treatment duration was between 12-32 months using CBD oil. After follow-up, over 75% of children had a reduction in seizure frequency of more than 50%, and almost half had a reduction in seizure frequency of more than 75%. 12% of the patients were seizure free.

29% of patients discontinued use due to lack of response to treatment, increased seizure frequency, intolerance, or poor compliance.

The authors conclusion was encouraging:

"In children with drug-resistant DEEs, long-term treatment of CBD-enriched medical cannabis as an adjuvant therapy to antiseizure therapy was found to be safe, well tolerated, and effective. Sustained reductions in seizure frequency and improvement of aspects of daily living were observed compared to our preliminary findings."

The abstract of the publication article is here at Seizure-Journal.com.