CBD for 8 weeks improves sleep quality and immune cell function

This randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study examined the effects of a specific dose of daily CBD on mental health, sleep quantity and quality, and immune cell function in healthy young adults. It was published in September 2023 in the journal Nutrients.

28 healthy young adults were included, 14 in the CBD group, and 14 in the placebo group. Their average age was 25.9. All participants abstained from THC and CBD for 6 weeks prior to the study commencement.

Participants' sleep was tracked by a wrist actigraphy sleep tracker (Fitbit). They began wearing it 7 days before they initiated CBD treatment to act as a baseline. The CBD group took a single 50mg purified CBD gel capsule each day after their last meal, about 1 to 1.5 hours before bed.

Cytotoxicity was determined using an in vitro cell model of leukemia.


the CB [CBD] group experienced significant improvements in sleep quality measured objectively using a sleep questionnaire (p = 0.0023)

the daily ingestion of 50 mg CBD, 1–1.5 h before sleep onset, leads to significantly improved perceived sleep quality compared with a placebo control

there were no significant changes in body weight and BMI, or body fat percentage

There were also no significant differences between CB and CN groups with respect to mental health measures, sleep quantity, or circulating immunophenotype

using flow cytometry and a cell-permeating fluorescent dye, we provide evidence that daily CBD supplementation for eight weeks enhances NK cell cytotoxicity against a malignant human leukemic cancer cell line


Authors' conclusion:

These results collectively support the notion that low dose CBD supplementation may offer benefits in enhancing sleep quality in humans and improving immunosurveillance against cancer cells


The full text article is here at PubMed Central.



Kisiolek JN, Flores VA, Ramani A, Butler B, Haughian JM, Stewart LK. Eight Weeks of Daily Cannabidiol Supplementation Improves Sleep Quality and Immune Cell Cytotoxicity. Nutrients. 2023 Sep 27;15(19):4173. doi: 10.3390/nu15194173. PMID: 37836465; PMCID: PMC10574483.