CBD and Naltrexone with chemotherapy shows improved effectiveness

This study focused on determining the effects of combining CBD and low‑dose naltrexone (LDN) on the effectiveness of standard chemotherapy on cancer cells in vitro and in vivo (mice). It was published in the journal Oncology Reports in April 2022.

"there was a 35% reduction in cell numbers when using LDN before CBD compared to a 22% reduction when using CBD before LDN. The two agents also sensitised cells to chemotherapy as significant decreases in cell viability were observed when they were used before chemotherapy."

So taking LDN before CBD was more effective than reversing the sequence, although both produced desirable effects on cancer cells. This study found that in mice, LDN and CBD enhanced the effect of gemcitabine (a standard chemotherapy drug), and resulted in no significant toxicity, and actually helped the mice gain weight versus gemcitabine alone.

The study abstract is here at Spandidos-Publications.com.