Cannabis shows effectiveness for insomnia due to anxiety & depression

Using self-reported feedback on specific cannabis cultivars ("strains"), this retrospective cohort study wanted to determine if insomnia symptoms were improved in cannabis-using patients with anxiety and/or depression. It was published in the journal BMC Psychiatry in April 2022.

Data was collected from early 2017 to early 2020. There were 463 participants with anxiety, 100 with depression, and 114 with both anxiety and depression. 

Dried flower and orally ingested oils were the most used and most effective product types. Among those with depression symptoms, THC dominant cultivars, whether labeled indica, hybrid, or sativa were "significantly" more  effective than CBD-dominant cultivars. 

But among anxiety and anxiety+depression patients, ALL types of cannabis were deemed effective, including CBD-dominant cultivars.

  • "Overall, cannabis was perceived to be efficacious across all groups, regardless of age and gender."

The full text article is here at the BMC Psychiatry site.