Cannabis Helps with Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, & Quality of Life after 3 months

This study used the ecological momentary assessment framework to look at the effects of medical cannabis on pain, anxiety & depression, sleep, and quality of life in 46 mostly older adults, average age of 56, who had never used medical cannabis. It was published in the journal Cannabis in October 2021.

The participants were selected from new medical cannabis patients in North-Central Florida that reported chronic pain as their primary reason for seeking a medical cannabis consultation. The study protocol was approved by the University of Florida Institutional Review Board.

After a few weeks:

"significant reductions in momentary pain intensity, anxiety, significant increase in daily sleep duration and sleep quality...after participants initiated medical cannabis for a few weeks."

After 3 months: 

"significantly lower levels of worst pain, pain interference and depression, as well as increased sleep duration, sleep quality, and quality of life compared to baseline"

"In our sample of primarily middle-aged and older adults with chronic pain, medical cannabis was associated with reduced pain intensity/inference, lower anxiety/depression, and improved sleep and quality of life."

While their conclusion is encouraging, it would have been nice if they reported on actual dosages and administration methods, which we could not find. 

The full-text paper is here at