Cannabinoids manufactured from CBD have many byproducts that aren't tested for (if they even get tested)

The current (2022) US market for manufactured, synthetic CBD-derived euphoric cannabinoids is growing rapidly. Only 20 states have approved adult-use, or recreational cannabis that includes the naturally occurring euphoric delta-9 THC. But most states can freely produce and distribute ANY cannabinoid they can create by adding chemicals to CBD derived from "hemp".

This study examined the chemistry involved in this process and was published in October 2022 in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. It includes a very long list of most of these manufactured cannabinoids if you are interested.

These cannabinoids are created by a complex chemical process known as acid-catalyzed ring closure of cannabidiol (ACRCC). Some scientists refer to Δ8-THC produced by this process as ACRCC-Δ8-THC. Nature's process is called the biosynthetic pathway. We call it the family tree:

Cannabinoid biosynthetic pathway of "production" without adding chemicals


As you can see, Δ10-THC, THC-O, THCP, HHC and HHC-O are also created synthetically using different chemical catalysts. Expect to see many new ACRCC cannabinoids in the future, as chemical engineers are pretty smart.

The authors' main concern is with the MANY isomerized byproducts from the chemical reaction required to create these ACRCC cannabinoids. These byproducts are not tested for, and many are still largely unknown. There are also zero industry standards related to consumer safety or labeling with these products. Some key quotes from the authors:

the compounds in ACRCC-Δ8-THC product mixtures have not been subjected to any human toxicological evaluation

Quality control is totally inadequate in the newly emerging Δ8-THC industry.

American consumers are ingesting products that are mislabeled with many compounds that have never received any toxicological testing. 


Given these conditions, it's hard not to recommend the traditional market cannabis flower over these manufactured "legal" products that have no testing or safety standards, yet lots of unknown chemicals.

The full text article is here.