Cannabinoids and COVID-19

A good technical article about the state of research into COVID-19 treatments, and how cannabinoids have demonstrated antiviral properties and show some promising signs of effectiveness. A summary of the major points of the article from

  • The druggable receptor of SARS-COV2, called PPAR-y can be activated by certain antiviral cannabinoids which can affect Covid-19 by interfering with a deadly cycle.
  • THCa and CBGa (oral), CBG, and CBD are PPAR-y agonists.
  • CB2 receptor agonists in cannabis help produce an antiviral antibody, IgM, to fight Covid-19 by intelligently controlling B cells.
  • The University of Lethbridge found a small number of mostly CBD-dominant strains that might reduce two key cytokines involved in Covid-19’s lethal storm.
  • Excessive cannabis consumption does have the potential to suppress the immune system which can negatively affect Covid-19.