Cannabinoids and cancer review study

This review study of research on cannabinoids and cancer was published in March 2022 in the journal Pharmaceutical Medicine. It shows positive results in studies dating back to 1975.

"One of the first experimental studies in modern times that demonstrated anticancer activities of cannabinoids in vitro and in vivo, and which was supported by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, was published in 1975." 

Here are their main conclusions:

"In vitro, pure CBD is very often equally or more efficacious than CBD extracts, whereas pure THC is frequently less efficacious than THC-rich extracts."

Or the entourage effect seems important with THC, but not not as much with CBD. 

"The number of observations in cancer patients, paired with the anticancer activity repeatedly reported in preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies warrants serious scientific exploration moving forward."

Or this stuff works often. Time to really study it.

"The combination of pure cannabinoids may have advantages over single agents, although the optimal ratio seems to depend on the nature of cancer cells; the existence of a ‘one size fits all’ ratio is very unlikely."

Or the most effective ratio of different cannabinoids together varies and different cancer cell types will likely need different mixtures, and sometimes isolates.

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