THC and CBD seem to help heal wounds and slow skin aging

This study examined the effects of THC and CBD on human skin models to determine if they could assist in wound healing and slow the process of skin cell aging, or senescence. It was published in December 2022 in the journal Cells.

The results were very encouraging, as both THC and CBD seemed to have a profound impact on cell healing and repair. THC seemed to have stronger anti-aging effects, and the authors concluded that it has "therapeutic potential for cosmetic applications" based on their results.

The author's conclusions: 

THC and CBD stimulated fibroblasts’ ability to close damaged wounds, while THC induced wound healing better than common nutrient signaling regulators

THC reduced morphological alterations in skin cells, potentiated cellular viability via preserving cell-cycle regulators, and boosted ECM production

Our data helps fill the gap regarding the potential role of THC/CBD in anti-aging research and demonstrates THC has therapeutic potential for cosmetic applications.


The full text paper is here at