THC + CBD Works Better for Anxiety

This study was conducted on mice and is scheduled to be published September 15th, 2021 in the journal Neuropharmacology and is available online in advance. It examined the effects of low and high doses of 1) D9-THC only and 2) D9-THC + CBD on male and female mice using a research standard "elevated-plus" maze.

In female mice, low doses of D9-THC (equivalent to about 5mg in a 120lb. human) reduced anxiety, while high doses (equivalent to about 50mg in a 120 lb. human) increased anxiety. In male mice, no changes in anxiety level was observed at the same dosage levels (based on mg/kg).

The anxiety-inducing effects of high dose D9-THC was PREVENTED in female mice by accompanying the high D9-THC dose (50mg for 120 lbs. human)with a dose of CBD equivalent to about 165mg (for a 120 lb. human). When a CBD dose of about 50mg per 120lbs. human accompanied the low D9-THC dose, the anxiety-reduction was increased.

Our take aways: 1) If D9-THC alone sometimes gives you anxiety at your preferred dose, try adding some CBD to prevent it. 2) Adding CBD to D9-THC will improve effectiveness at reducing anxiety.

The abstract is here.