Another study shows cannabinoid medicine is effective for treatment-resistant childhood epilepsy

This study was published in January 2023 in the journal Neuropediatrics. It was a case study of 35 children from the U. K. suffering from acute treatment-resistant epilepsy, also known as intractable epilepsy.

The results echo many other studies: cannabinoid medicine can be VERY effective in children with epilepsy who have not responded to standard treatments. In fact, the evidence of cannabinoid medicine effectiveness for this condition is considered to be quite strong.

Our charity partner Intractable Epilepsy, has an excellent summary of the study on their site here: It is run by a group of parents that formed a legal charity because so many of them struggle to afford, or even legally purchase, the only medicine that works for their children.  If they can even get a prescription, which is NOT easy, costs can run well over $1000 per month. Take a look and consider helping them out if you can.

One interesting conclusion from the study was that THC+CBD medicines worked better than CBD alone, whether in isolated form (CBD only) or full spectrum CBD (CBD plus other cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. naturally found in the cannabis plant).

The published full text paper is here at Thieme E-journals.